In General

The sun forgot to rise today morning…. at least that’s what me and my wife thought when we stepped out of our house . It usually is bright and sunny by 6:00 a.m but today, it was still dark with no sign of day break. We check our watch to make sure we haven’t got up one hour early …, our watches showed the right time. A little intriqued, I started off to the boat club. Along the way I was questioning myself about this strange phenomenon…. and the answer came in a minute later …. a sudden downpour happened … so sudden that by the time I could park my scooter and scurry for shelter, i was half drenched. That’s when I looked up to see the heavily overcast sky …. Ahh! now that explains the mysterious darkeness !

Sometimes things happen best when they’re done impromptu. Last evening, I got an SOS call from the Program Director of AdClub chennai to take a lecture for his students. Apparently the designated speaker had ditched in the last minute and I was looked up as the best stand by plug in. Oh well, normally I would’ve refused but I understood the situation the Director was in. Anyways, I did make it to the class on time and I was pretty satisfied with how the class progressed, considering there was almost zero preparation.

It’s been Sify’s day at the Rowing regatta championship. My pairs race against Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) was a thriller till the finish. Myself and my teammate Wasim must’ve produced a bucketful of lactic acid each…. our legs and hands were packed badly. With the toughest race over, we can look forward to the next two easier races. Tomorrow, O&M will have a chance to take revenge… we meet again in the Fours competiton. Should be fun.

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