In General

Today, I got inducted into the prestigious “Macromedia User Group Advisory Board” for the second consecutive year. To be selected from over 300 international user group managers, gives me a feeling of awe. It’s great to know that your opinions are valued and that you can contribute to the worldwide Macromedia community.

Damn ! I wanted to complete this site before Macromedia sent an email to all the international user groups about me and this website. This site is still incomplete ….. Perfect ! Now the world can know what a lazy person I am !! ( Grrrr ! )

Hurray ! My team has entered the finals of M&B rowing regatta in the Pairs category. Tomorrow will be the all-important Mixed-Fours race against Ogilvy & Mather. They beat our other team and now we are seething with revenge. We G O T T O beat them tomorrow.