In General

If you are a CTO of Sun Microsystems and later CEO of Novell , would you consider quitting your job to join a dot com ? Not in your dreams right ?! But that’s just what Eric Schmidt did when he joined as CEO of Google , when its Co-founder Larry Page stepped down. Here’s a quick three minute (?) interview of him. Interesting piece.

Are you sick of Pop-Up ads ? Well, who isn’t ! Here is a site which gives you good information on how to disable the pop-up ads of certain advertisers. The interesting part is that the advertisers who show these pop-ups also give you a nice option to disable them on your comp. But this info are well hidden and that is what this “Opt out Links” webpage shows us. The funny part is that there is a standard disclaimer on this site which says “If you enjoy seeing pop-up ads, please do not use this service.” Har har !!