In General

These credit card companies are blood suckers. They think they can boss over their customers. Today morning at 7:00 a.m, an executive representing ICICI bank comes to my house … thus goes the conversation. Bell rings. I open the door.

ICICI rep : Where is the cheque ?

Me : Good Morning. Who are you please ?

ICICI rep : I’m from ICICI come to collect your dues.

Me : I wish you could have given me a call before coming.

ICICI rep : I can come anytime.

Me : Oh yeah ! Can I have your superior’s phone number please ?

ICICI rep : Uhhh ? Mmm…errr…..why do you ask for him ?

Me : To tell him a word or two about your customer relationship

ICICI rep : Err… sorry Sir . Sir, when would it be convenient for you sir for me to come and meet you again sir ?

Me : Never. I’ll deal directly with your boss.

End of conversation.