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I’ve heard of ‘computer virus’ mail alerts. But today morning, a Cell Phone Virus warning landed on my mail. Not just from one person but from five well meaning friends. Sure enough, it was sent with good intention but I wish they check the veracity before being instruments of hoax . Here’s the virus message (in italics ) and my views on them .


For starters, Cell phones are not computers. They don’t have executable file storage not is there an I/O system.

All mobile phone in DIGITAL system can be infected by this virus. If you receive a phone call and your phone display “UNAVAILABLE” on the screen, DON’T ANSWER THE CALL!!! END THE CALL IMMEDIATELY!!! BECAUSE IF YOU ANSWER THE CALL, YOUR PHONE WILL BE INFECTED BY THIS VIRUS.

Hey cut the crap buzzo . You are more likey to infect your mobile phone if you sneeze on it !!!

This virus will erase all IMIE and IMSI information from both your phone and your SIM card. You will have to buy a new phone.

If you can’t convince , confuse. Nice use of jargons, abbreviations and tech lingo. Bound to scare any newbie . Good try.

This information has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia!!! For more information, please visit Motorola or Nokia web sites: or

Oh really ?! Where in these sites is this mentioned ? Just by mentioning the sites, the hoaxsters try to create a sense of authencity .

Guys, don’t be suckers believing such stupid hoaxes. Or worse, don’t forward them blindly. Now to wrap this up, there is no refridgerator virus, TV virus, Microwave virus, bread toaster virus…… !!!!