In General

How would you feel if a reputed hotel cheated you ? Hear the story and decide for yourself. It’s my friend’s birthday and he had invited a whole bunch of us for a birthday treat. We called up Mowbary’s Inn, a supposedly decent hotel, for rates and the person at the desk informed us that its Rs.110 per person. We finalised this place and all of us landed here for the birthday celebration. The food felt like crap, more like afternoon leftovers. The service even worse. Nevertheless we didn’t mind these too much …afterall what really mattered was the occasion and the togetherness with friends. But what was the final straw was the bill. It was a bloater… much above our calculations. We figured it could be a typo and called the waiter. He, as rude as ever, mentioned that the rate is Rs.167 per person and that “we were supposed to know“. We told him about our telephonic talk earlier. Then he says that only lunch buffet is Rs.110 and the dinner buffet ( which is more like leftovers) is Rs.167 . How the hell are we supposed to know this? By ESP ? There’s not even a single sign board around. We could have easily created a commotion and sternly refused to pay the over-charge. But we wanted to keep our decency. We paid up the extra charge by credit card. Its funny that the hotel spends so much money on advertising and brand building and they screw up in customer satisfaction.Now to my first question. How would you feel if the hotel had cheated you ?!