Every dog has its (bad) day !! Yesterday was mine. First, I lose my bike parking token and had to fork out 50 bucks as penalty. Second, a traffic cop catches me at a signal ( there were a hundred [...]

Is it three days since I blogged ?! Man, time sure flies. Maybe its not the time. Maybe its the urge to blog has hit a lean patch. I wonder if everyone passes thru this phase ?!

I’m still battered from the Bangalore to and fro journeys. My head throbs, my eyes look zonked, my face puffed with lack of sleep, my arse numbed with 20 hours of travelling in two days [...]

Yippee ! Boy, was the Bangalore trip worth it ?!! You bet ! Right now, I’m at bangalore and am rushing to catch my bus back to Chennai. Gotto rush… catchya in peace !

Geez ! What happened to all the contents on the right hand side ?!! Poof ! They just disappeared without a trace ! Update : Now they appear again out of nowhere !! Something definitely fishy [...]

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