Are you in Mumbai ? If yes, you may want to keep the first saturday of next month free for the Mumbai Bloggers Meet. There’s quite a bit of discussion happening at Anita’s site. Join [...]

I’m off to Tumkur ( Karnataka ) tonight to attend my college Alumni meet. It gives a real good feeling to take my wife and especially my kid to my college. It just feels like a little while [...]

Good morning Hissssss: I would have normally relegated this post to the Marathon Blog, but this incident deserved special mention. At 4:45 today morning, me and three other runners had begun our [...]

Today I bought a new bike. After a bit of dilly dallying between a car and a bike, settled for the latter. The thought of peak hour jams wasn’t very enticing. Contrary to people’s [...]

Sometimes I just love forwards. Here is an amazing set of photos I received from my friend Charlie. Check these out… some of them are hi-res… but are well worth the wait. This happens [...]