In General

Reasons why Touchtel is better than BSNL.

Quick response : All I did was give a call and the Touchtel guy landed the same day. With BSNL, I went to their office inside my office building but I was told to go to another office. When I went there, they told me to come later because it was lunch time. Their office timing clashed with mine.

Ease : Just had to fill a single form. Infact the touchtel guy did this for me. With BSNL, I was given a 5 page form which i had to fill in triplicate !!

No security deposit : I paid zilch to Touchtel whereas BSNL wanted a deposit of Rs.3000.

No tips : The touchtel installation guy refused to take any tips. Part of their official rules. Whereas, the BSNL guy insists on a minimum payment of a couple fo hundred bucks.

Free Internet : Unlimited & free Internet connection to Mantraonline thru Touchtel. No such thing in BSNL.