In General

I CHEATED TODAY : I really did. Lemme explain what I did. The time had come to renew my domain name. The cost involved is Rs.445. I logged onto and gave another person’s credit card details and successfully paid for my domain renewal. It just took me less than two minutes to do do the transaction. All that I had to provide was 1) this guy’s full name , 2) his date of birth 3) the credit card number and 4) the expiry date ( all the details which I easily managed to collect in a few days of surreptious following up ).

OK, here’s the reveleation : The entire exercise was to check how easy it is to do fraud transaction on the Net. This guy is actually my close friend and I had told him about this trasaction later and paid the money to him in cash. But the point is that anybody can easily get these four required fields and made such fradulent purchases.