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Could this be the future of Google ?

My early morning sleep was interrupted by rattlings in my shelf and woke up to find a wizzing sound. Seeing nothing, i shouted out “who’s there ?” . A small translucent thing appeared before me and said “I’m the googlebot”. Thus started the conversation.

Me : Googlebot? ( me, obviously startled.)

Googlebot : Yes, I’m one of the automatic bots from

Me : What are you doing here in my house ?

Googlebot : I’m indexing the things in your house.

Me : Whaaat ?! Aren’t you supposed to be indexing just webpages ?

Googlebot : We’ve finished indexing every single page on the Web. Now, as part of our growth strategy, we are moving to the real world.

Me: What’s the idea of indexing everthing in the real world ?

Googlebot : Here’s an example. If you lose your bike key, and type in “Where is kribs’ bike key?”, our search engine will exactly tell you where it is.

Me : Wow ! that’s cool. What’s your next plan after this ?

Googlebot : That’s a secret

Me: C’mon. Try me.

Googlebot : OK. We like to be so fast that we want to give the answers even before you start searching!

Me : Whoa ! You mean, a bit like Minority Report ?

Googlebot : Yeah. Hey , it’s getting late. I’ve gotto finish the whole of South East Asia in the next three minutes. Bye.

And the googlebot swishes out of sight, leaving me dazed in wonder.