In General

W.Bloggar Rocks : After reading Arnab’s blog, I decided to check this out. I downloaded the latest version, W.Bloggar 3.0, today and it truly is “the best interface between you and Blogger” ( or even MT ). It makes updating your blog faster and easier. Now I don’t have to log on to Blogger site at all. Everything I can do there, I can accomplish with this desktop tool. It even betters Blogger. It has a spell checker, image uploader, instant previewer, font & color selector and the ability to set your own keyboard shortcuts. So now, you get that much closer to having some features available in Blogger PRO …. for free !!

Installing it is real easy. Should take only 5 minutes after you download it. Check out the FAQ section for an easy step-by-step installing procedure.

I hadn’t set my archive template and there was a small hitch but Arnab came to my help. He set things up and then onwards W.Bloggar started to work like a charm.