In General

Here’s my no-so-pleasant experience tracing out a person in TNT, a Multi-National Courier company that is rated #1 in Europe. I had to receive a payment receipt from them which they had not given and my company’s finance dept has been breathing down my neck for it. So I decide to go to their website to get the contact information. This is what happens….

1) On their homepage, I choose ‘India’ from their country list.

2) On the India page, I click on ‘Contact Us’ button.

3) Guess what, I’m asked to choose the country once again. Sheesh !

4) Now, I’m asked to choose the city. I find there are Channai and Chennai. As far as I know, there is no city called Channai in India.

5) I go to the right ‘Chennai’ and pick up their phone numbers.

6) Guess what, the numbers don’t work.

7) At this stage, I get pissed off and send a stinker to their email address.

8) Within minutes, the mail bounces back saying “mailbox is full”. Aaarghh !

9) Now, I decide to hit the very top. I do a google on their CEO Alan Jones and get his email address.

10) I send out a polite, yet a strongly worded mail to him.

11) Today morning, I find that they have corrected their phone number.

Forget me. Imagine the prospective customer who is trying to give them business. Would anyone go thru all this hassle to reach a sales guy? No way buddy, No Way. And these guys want to beat FedEx and DHL !!