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Sathish Ramakrishnan Hospitalised : I was shocked to read from Anand’s blog that Sathish‘s bike skid and he has been admitted at St.Marthas Hospital, Nrupathunga Road . He was on his way back home from the Bangalore Bloggers Meet. It would be nice if we can drop a line at his blog to cheer him up. Hopefully his wife Ranjani would read it out to him. The hospital phone numbers are (080) 2274541, 2275081, 2275085 . Don’t know the room number yet. If someone does, please pass the info along.

I had met Sathish during the Chennai Bloggers Meet and he came across as a very quiet, reserved type. Since his wife’s place is very close to my house in Chennai, both of us rode along after the Meet. He rides carefully and defensively. So it came across a surprise to hear his bike skid. Let’s all wish him a speedy recovery.