Last night, I had a dream. I dreamt I was Gulliver ( as in Gulliver’s Travels) in the land of Lilliputs. The lilliputs had small spears and they kept poking me with them. It got a bit [...]

Priyamvatha, the journalist at Indian Express called me to say that the Interview she did with me on Blogging has been published on the 28th dated New Indian Express. I haven’t looked at it [...]

There’s a nice article on Hit Counters at’s Net Guide written by Anita Bora. It’s interesting to see her churn out an article out of such a [...]

My interview has been published at, the in-house magazine of Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media ( IIJNM ). Nadeshda Zareen, a student at the institute, shot [...]

I’m getting pissed with Reliance mobile. My handset’s charge gets drained real fast and nealry requires two charges in a day. Sometimes it doesn’t get charged at all but the [...]