In General

Ever been to Khadims, the chain of footwear stores? There’s something amazingly unique about this place. Every shop has a mezzaine floor or atleast a prominent attic which acts a storeroom for shoes. There is a guy who is permanently positioned at the mezzanine floor. When a customer asks for a particular type of footwear, the attendant on the floor shouts to his mezzanine colleaque who in turn picks the right pair and flings it at high speed right back at him only to be snatched up with amazing accuracy. And I notice the same style of functioning in Khadim’s store in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and I assume its similar in all their stores across the country. I always am fascinated just looking at these high energy workers. I have a feeling that the owner of this chain must’ve been inspired by the Pike Place Fish Market in San Francisco Seattle where the workers keep flinging the fishes.