In General

When I saw the trailor of Jungle Book 2 on Star Movies, it brought back nostalgic memories of my childhood. Collecting the pictures of Jungle Book characters present on the inside of the bottle caps used to be one of life’s important activities then. I would gulp down innumerable number of ‘Gold Spots’ (aerated soft drink) so I can get the bottle caps. I would even go to all “bunk shops” I can lay my eyes on and request ( read plead ) the owner for the caps. The reason for hunting the caps is to collect the pictures of Mowgli, Baloo, Kaa, SherKhan and other Jungle Book charater so that we can exchange the whole set for a comic book version of Jungle Book. At one time, this craze even beat the stamp collection craze. The only thing that came close to Gold Spot collection was from Thumbs Up which had the caricatures of the 1983 Worldcup winning cricket players.