In General

Last night, I witnessed an accident right outside my home. An autorickshaw and a TVS Suzuki bike had rammed into each other. As the auto driver swerved heavily to avoid the two wheeler in vain, it lost lost balance and rolled on its side. In the stillness of the night, the crash was frighteningly loud. Me and the neighbours ran towards the vehicles…. the auto’s front portion was heavily dented…. the suzuki’s front lamp & mudguard were crushed. The auto driver and the rider were sprawled on the floor and we were expecting to see gory injuries…..but surprisingly they got up on their feet with not so much as a single scratch. Even more surprisingly, they walked towards each other and instead of quarelling and fisticuffs, they apologied and agreed to pay for the damages. It was then I noticed that both of them were stone drunk and hardly in their senses. When they wake up today, they’d probaby not remember any of the incident and wonder who bashed up their vehicles !!