In General

Interview with Indian Express : An intern, Priyamvatha, was doing a story on blogging and wanted to get a first hand view from me. For a person who hadn’t checked out what a blog looked like, she did have a flurry of questions to ask. The interview lasted over an hour at Amethyst, which is fast becoming the official place for blog interviews !! Vaijayanthi ( a.k.a VJ ), a rare species of chennai female bloggers, joined us during the fag end of the meeting. Once the questions drained out, the three of us went ogling at the nice (read expensive ) handicrafts at the Amethyst store. I picked up a bunch of greeting cards which had old photos of Madras taken during the 1890s

Talking of interviews, Sankar Narayanan is doing a story on Usability for Express Computer and he has sent me a whole bunch of questions for me to answer.