In General

Last weekend I saw the tamil flick “Lesa Lesaand I was very surprised at one particular storyline where reel life has preceeded real life. The story goes like this… the college chairman is a greedy rich man with heavy political connections. Since the college is in prime property in the city, he wants the college shut down so he can demolish the college to build a huge shopping complex. The students oppose this villanious move with “strikes”. Ok, one may be excused to think that this story has been inspired by the recent incident where the Jayalalitha government had wanted to close the Queen Mary’s college (QMC) so they can demolish the historical building to construct the secretariat office…..and the severe opposition by the students, alumni and the teachers that thwarted the move.

This particular incident at QMC happened only two months ago. But the Lesa Lesa movie, though released last week, had been made almost a year ago. The movie almost feels prophetic when one compares these scene in the movie and the real life incident.