In General

Overcoming Bloggers’ Block : I’ve seen many blogs gather cobwebs and when asked, people tell that they are stuck up for ideas to write. Surprisingly, its not the lack of time that is the primary reason. A few have also asked me how I manage to eke out a post everyday. So, I figured I’d jot down some of ways that I follow. I’d be eager to know yours too.

– Don’t wait for the perfect sentence. Just pen down your thoughts. You’ll be surprised how natural your words sound.

– Interesting incidents happens all the time everyday… when you are watching TV, riding or while at work. It’ll be a good idea to have a pen and paper on hand and just down a one liner about the incident. Later when you have free time, either at office or at home, you can elaborate on these incidents. A sure fire way to overcome the dearth of ideas.

– Type in your posts first in MS Word and then copy-paste them into blogger. I’ve noticed that I’m at ease and able to write more this way. Besides, MS word helps me point out the typos.

– Use this method, especially if you are blogging from office. People might think you are typing some important project proposal ! 🙂

– If you are using a cyber cafe to update your blog, then know clearly what topic you want to blog on before stepping in. Don’t open up blogger and then think what you want to blog. Somehow the mind starts clogging up.

– Use the same principle, if you are using a dial up connection at home. Type your blog post first , then connect to the Net. You’ll be saving quite a bit on your telephone bills.

So, what’s your tip ?