The Photo that tells Tendulkar’s disspointment : Tendulkar may not have made a big fuss over the declaration by Dravid thus devoiding him of his rightful double century, but this close-up [...]

Zing Thing Memories : While having a Fanta, I subconciously took a sniff of the inside of the bottle cap and the tangy smell suddenly opened up a barrage of childhood memories of Gold Spot & [...]

I’m gonna miss my daughter’s hair locks. Tomorrow morning, she’ll get her ‘mottai’ ( tonsure ) at the Vadapalani temple. I love the softness of her silky hair.. the [...]

I’ve joined a gym and this should help take care of the slight paunch that’s developing. With the rowing season a few months away and the next marathon at the end of the year, this is [...]

My new camcorder has arrived and am thrilled to bits. The userguide has become my favorite book now 🙂 Am toying with the many features. The smallness and the amount of features the Sony TVR19 [...]