Dinner with Bill Gates: A Microsoft intern gets invited to Bill Gates’ home for dinner and he recounts his experience. I totally loved the part where he explains the time Gates spends time [...]

Google’s latest outage ‘coz of the MyDoom attack has been handled so beautifully at the Google Blog. When the Vice-President has that kind of humour, you can image the company’s [...]

Sad & Pissed : What kind of a heartless #&*!^%$* would do this to the tree. It was a nice looking tree right at the entrace of Woodlands Drive-in hotel. Sigh!

Fatal Attraction : I know bees get attracted to light but do they get so attracted that they kill themselves?! Seen here is the lamp in my company’s loo. This morning I find a whole bunch [...]

Obama – America’s first black president?! – I was watching the Democratic National Convention live and there was one guy who really caught my attention-Barrack Obama. This lanky [...]