In General

GMail error message : I saw this when I couldn’t login into my account today. I though the first para was pretty cool laden with Google’s cool attitude sprinkled with their trademark sense of humour.

“Sorry, something didn’t work correctly.

If we knew exactly what the problem was, we would tell you instead of giving you this useless error message. Actually, if we knew, we would most likely have fixed it already.”

Then things got a bit awry. The error message got longer. Unnecessary if you ask me. Besides, they started to sound a little  serious, which is very ungoogle like. And what’s this motherhood statements like “will work without rest”. Sounds like an Indian politician.

“Rest assured. As you read this, alarm bells are ringing at the Googleplex, signifying something has gone horribly wrong in this quadrant. A report will soon be in the hands of our engineering team, detailing the bad thing that happened here. This team will work without rest to address the problem you have brought to their attention.”

And this is the pits. Suddenly the unfailing super brained Google engineers are made to look vulnerable. Avoidable. Completely. The copy writer must’ve run out of decaf, I guess.

“If, after a decent interval (about 24 hours), you encounter this problem again, please email us at . The more specifics you include, the better (e.g., what kind of computer and browser you were using, what page you looked at last, what you clicked on, etc.). Sometimes, even our engineers need a little help.”