In General

I hate Ads on my site : I still do.  But there are a few reasons why I went ahead and installed the Google Adsense that you see on the right side of the page.

  • Money : I had a talk with Ganesh who runs and he told me that he earned {snip}, an amazing amount in less than 5 months. Hmmm…that’s kinda neat, I thought.   ( The figure has been removed to adhere to Google’s policy. Apparently one should not reveal the figure earned.  But I can tell you that the amount is  mouth watering. )
  • Curiosity : I wanted to check out how this AdSense works. The backend rocks.
  • Elitism : Not all get accepted by Google for its AdSense program.  Apparently most blogs get turned down. So, when I got in, it kinda felt special.


Inspite of the convincing reasons, a few things are for sure.

  • Probation : This ad setup will be on probation for a month before its place on this site gets decided.
  • No Tweaking : I will not tweak my posts to include words like ‘Online Gambling, Casino, Poker, Mortgage’, just because they get the highest clik-thru money. ( oh shucks, I just did that.  *sheepish smile* ) . Anyways, honestly that’s not gonna happen.


So there you go.  Looking forward to this experimentation. Incase you are interseted, check out this nice article on AdSense.