In General

Kumara Swamy, ragpicker Human.

I was waiting for my wife near her office when he came by and started picking stuff from a garbage bin nearby. Something about this person caught my fancy. Don’t know what. I walked upto him and opened the conversation with a few questions about him. He sported this really warm smile and answered my questions patiently. He makes about Rs.15 a day by selling plastic rummaged from the bins. He told me its a tough life but he would rather starve than beg. Wow!

I wanted to take his snap but felt a little awkward. I didn’t know if he might like it. So I played it safe and asked him if I could. He not only agreed immediately but also posed for the snap. The way he placed his hands on the bin reminded me of a CEO leaning on his Merc. It may be just ragpicking but its his job and he treated it with pride. I liked that attitude.