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Photos from the M&B Rowing Regatta

If ever there was one sport that I so totally love, it will have to be rowing. I’ve been married to it for quite a few years now. To me,its been much more than just a sport. After being part and leading the team to successive championship titles, I was back again at the Madras boat club to cheer the Sify team to a record 5th straight Championship win. Here are a few snapshots.

The coveted trophies that we battle for.

The most presitigous of the lot is the Coxed fours trophy. Everytime I see this trophy, I sit next to it for a full minute just touching it. It means an amazing lot to me and my team mates. Just like the Wimbledon cup, the winners names gets inscribed in the trophy, right from the year 1900. The red arrow shows my team’s that we won in 2001. We won the next two years too.

The Sify team get prepared to fight out the coxed Fours category.

The adyar river looks majestic. What you don’t see is the filth and the muckiness. For a madras oarsman, the sport is far bigger to him than worry about the muckiness.

A pair of boat club rowers just coming back from a practice session on the double sculls. Its truly poetry in motion watching the scullers row.

The posters with quite an attitude.