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Doing a Survey using Microsoft Outlook

I didn’t know such a feature existed. It came in very handy for me at office and thought this would benefit you guys too. Outlook has a great feature where you can quickly do a survey or a mini-election. For example, lets assume that your office is throwing a party and you are incharge of the food. You want to know how many people are vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Instead of personally approaching people, you can send out a survey questionairre and get the results in real fast. It’s easy, fast and more importantly very simple.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Click New Message
  • Click Options
  • Select ‘Use voting buttons’
  • Type in the choices separated by ; ( eg. Veg;Non Veg )
  • Send mails to all attendees

This is how it would look like.

People now will just have to click a button… and you get the response in your inbox. That’s it. Very neat, huh?