In General

One thing I really hate about Gmail is when it comes to deleting a message. Don’t get me wrong. I looove Gmail. But their delete option is such a black mark. Notice the steps below I have to follow *just* to delete a mail.

  • First, move the message to ‘Trash.’
  • Open a conversation
  • Click ‘More options’
  • Click ‘Trash this message’
  • Then, ‘Delete Forever.’
  • Click ‘Trash’ from the main menu
  • Select the message
  • Click the ‘Delete Forever’ button

I mean, isn’t this so @#$%&#^ irritating. Why can’t they have a simple delete button?! Just because they give 1000MB doesn’t mean we won’t have to delete an email. I wrote to Google letting them know about this. Let’s hope someone out there listens.