In General

Experiences of being a temporary Clickerati!

Digit magazine wanted to run a story on how blogs help professionally and they asked me my views. It was an online interview. They wanted a mugshot to go along with the story. I sent them this photo of me hugging my blog! They wanted something less wacky, I suppose. So, they hired a professional photographer to do the honors. And boy, what an experience it turned out to be!

The pro-photographer came along with three bags, lighting equipments and an assistant! He took over half hour to set things up. It resembled like a mini-movie shoot. I drooled over his Nikon D100 6.1 meg digital SLR. My Canon A75 paled in comparision.

Trouble started for me when he wanted a photo of me, as if someone was interviewing me. So, he made me look away and start talking….to nobody!!. Geez,it felt so very odd talking to air!!. Worse, he even made me talk with hand actions. You won’t believe the kind of crap I was talking. After an hour and over a hundred clicks (really), it finally ended. I can’t believe he went through all this hassle, just to get a credit-card sized photo on the magazine.

Actually, my hope isn’t high. During The Hindu interview, I remember the official photographer clicking away to glory in every conceivable directions. Well…the photo never appeared with the article!