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Taking on The Hindu

I was passing through Krishna Sweets near KK Nagar ‘Pillar’ and noticed this banner outside. Nice strategy, I thought. Playing on the typical tamilian habit of sipping coffee while reading a newspaper. Here’s why I think, its a nice move.

1) Krishna Sweets is practically empty during the mornings. I mean, who buys sweets that early anyways. To make better use of their near empty shops, they are encouraging people to come and leisurely spend the early mornings reading and drinking their coffee.

2) Most folks already subscribe to The Hindu. But they won’t mind reading another paper as long as they get it for ‘free’. It’s sort of like the software equivalent of ‘trial version’. For folks who go on to like the Express, they may subscribe it as their second paper.

3) The filter coffee costs Rs.7. In all probability, Krishna sweets and Express would’ve worked out a nice commercial deal. The paper probably costing 75 paise. So, while Krishna sweets gets new walk-ins, Express gets new readers. Nice symbiotic relationship.