I’m looking at buying a laptop and I need your suggestions. I’v been wanting to buy a second PC at home but decided that a laptop would help me out in many ways. While I have been [...]

Great Friends, Great Lunch, Great Time I got to meet a great set of people, thanks to Smita. We met up this weekend over lunch at Annalakshmi, a restaurant that’s close to my heart. (I [...]

The Many ‘Phases’ of Kounty Kounty is a guy who keeps our office sparked up with his sense of humor. You just get an inkling of his character from the photo. A great guy to hang out [...]

Ev does Odeo Ah! It’s finally good to know what’s Evan’s next project is. I’ve been kinda curious to know what he is upto after he quit Google. Now that I know he is into [...]

Raagi Porridge I made a great find. This guy below was selling Kezvaragu Koozhu ( Raagi porridge) right outside Jawahar Vidyala, the school in Ashok Nagar where I went to get a school admission [...]