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Woohoo! A Half-Marathon Run!

Yesterday, I finally got to climb up one rung up in my marathon ladder. Finally did a 21 KM, starting from Thiruvanmiyur RTO to Muthukadu Lake. For the first time, I have the confidence of finishing the half marathon race at Chennai Marathon on Feb 20.

Here’s my observations.

* I’ve realised that cycling everyday to work has really helped build up my endurance and stamina.

* New pair of shoes definitely makes a difference.

* It tremendously helped to run along with a better runner.

Some pics from yesterday’s run.

That’s Jacob in the red singlet. He usually runs from Thiruvanmiyur to Mahabalipuram on Sundays (a distance of 43 kms). He cut short his run yesterday to give us company. I hear that, to make up for it, he is running the full distance today!! (sheesh!)

That’s Smitha, who showed tremendous resilience to finish the distance. For women, a full marathon is 21 kms. So, she finished her full marathon!

I promised that even if I had to crawl, I will finish the race. Well, Jacob made sure of that!! 🙂 It’s always nice to have fun along the run. Humour definitely easens the pain!

Ahhh! Destination! You should’ve seen the relief when I saw this billboard. We finished the practice run at the Muthukadu boat club. Well, we did walk for sometime but then, we never gave up. And that’s what gave us the great sense of satisfaction.