In General

I love this game.

2005 must be my finest start to a year for sports. I got selected in one of the four cricket teams in my company for the Intra-Sify Cricket Championship. And I’ll be honest with you….I’m NOT a cricketer. The only cricket I’ve played is the gully version with tennis balls. I conciously stay away from mass sports and haven’t even touched so much as a cricet bat during my college days. So, when the company organised for a selection session at the Nets, it was after ages that I donned the entire cricketing gear…the pads, helmet, guard & gloves and faced an authentic leather ball. We hired the ground at Central Leather Research Institute’s campus which is a quick drive from Tidel Park, where our office is located.

That’s me at the Nets facing my teammate. A guy told me that my stance is like that Mohd Kaif. I felt a bit elated. He then repeated himself. He said my *stance* is like Mohd.Kaif. Not played like Mohd Kaif! ah! Well!

A closeup shot. I loved the session and must say that I surprised myself in my shot selection. My bowling wasn’t bad either. I bowled close to six overs of leg spin and got most of them to target the stumps. I realise that it’s far easier bowling the leather ball than tennis ball.

After two hours of the net session, it was time for some cold fresh juice. In my team, we were fortunate to have both the CEO and CTO. The person sitting at the head is Rustom Irani, our CTO. A great guy with a nice sense of humour. Oh and an amazing talent for remembering names. It’s amazing how friendly people get over a game of cricket.