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Raagi Porridge

I made a great find. This guy below was selling Kezvaragu Koozhu ( Raagi porridge) right outside Jawahar Vidyala, the school in Ashok Nagar where I went to get a school admission form. Koozhu has been my favorite. My mom used to make when we used to live in our village in Pondicherry. I didn’t hesitate one second to give it a try. I have never had hassles in trying out road side food. I guess I’ve got a pretty strong immune system.

This guy was very friendly and active. He ran his shop out of a ‘thallu vandi;, a push cart.

Just look at the size of that vessel. Massive. Must’ve contained nearly a litre. All this for just Rs.5. Wow! The taste was excellent. It tasted just like how my mom used to make. I downed the full glass. Loved it.

Phenomenal side dishes. Just looking at them made my mouth water. I’m definitely going there again.