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Sify Bikers Day Out – The Whoa! Games

Oh boy! Looks like the Royal Enfiled’s Sify Bikers Day Out is gonna be lots of fun. As if just riding the brand new Thunderbirds on the wonderful East Coast Road is not fun enough, there’s interesting games to top it further. Check these out…

The Taxi game
Teams of 10 people will have one bike. The aim is to get all 10 members to the finish line with a maximum of two persons on the bike. The rule is that one person can only ride the bike twice in the race. Strategise and think, use your brains to crack the problem and make your team cross the finish line first.

The pick me up game
We will stack cans on one top of the other. The rider must ride towards the cans and pick up the top most can without dropping the others. The rider comes back and picks up the next can.. The rider who reaches the lowest level of cans wins!

Sand Off-roading
Learn how to handle a bike on the beach with tips and guidance from our expert ride Sachin Chavan. Experience the freedom of beach biking and the joy of the fresh sea air.

Dirt track experience
Drive through some trails which show you the exhilaration of biking off-road. Our experienced guide will lead to show the way.