576 Kbps and slower? Huh?! For some strange reason, my Net connection speed shows 576 Kbps while I have subscribed for a 128 Kbps unlimited connection. I should be happy, right? Wrong. [...]

Double Checking the Credit card- ATM Issue.A friend pointed out the post I made about ICICI credit cards being accessed in SBI ATMs. He said that he tried his ICICI card and found that while it [...]

BlogRolling.com’s Hot 500 List aNTi brings to my notice that this site has made it the Global list of BlogRolling’s Hot 500. Nice. Even nicer to note that Guru and Amit make it there too.

Handbook For Bloggers Here’s a free book from Reporters Sans Frontiers. Been hearing about it for a while and finally decided to download the PDF version. You can download your copy from [...]

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