In General

We’ve Won The Championship !!

And how!! By Winning it for the 5th consecutive time, we created a record in the 104 year history of the prestigious regatta.

We also created another regatta record. We were in the finals of seven events out of a total of eight in a single regatta. There were 126 races held in all and we participated and won the most.

Infact, so big was the victory that our our winning points were higher than both the second and third place winners put together!

And as the captain of the victorious team, I can look back with pride at this very special achievement.

It wasn’t easy though. It’s been three months of hardcore practice, crazy regimental schedule, amazing team spirit and true grit! Our 30 member crew truly put in their heart and soul into our single minded determination to retain the championship.

There are loads of snaps taken. Here’s quick two.