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WOWed with iPod Nano !

Apple’s product innovations totoally rock! I got a chance to try my hands out on the latest iPod Nano and should say I’m more than impressed.

The one that you see in the middle is the Nano, just a tad bigger than the Shuffle which you see on the right.

The first thing that caught my eye was the reduction in size. They shrunk the iPod Mini 4 GB to about half its size and made it a lot slimmer. And its 4 GB memory is not hard drive based but flash! Wow! In doing so, Apple became the first company to break the 1 GB flash memory threshold.

The only sour thing I noticed was a bold print on the box which read ‘Designed in California’. Me feels they could have done without it. It actually screamed, “Manufactured in distant China using Cheap Labour”!