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Internet in Hotel Rooms

I wanted to book a hotel for a friend who is landing up in town. One of the things he particularly wanted was Internet connectivity in the room. Preferably Wi-Fi. I made a few phone calls to the hotels. While most of them offer wired connectivity, almost none offered Wi-Fi at rooms. It was only restricted to lobbies and conference rooms.

And the worst part was that they charged anywhere from Rs.150 to Rs.350 per hour of Internet at rooms. A few hotels charged Rs.500 for a full day use. Exorbitant by any standard,

Only a couple of hotels offered Free Internet. Sure, nothing is free. They would just snug in that cost into the room tariff. Yet, one gets a fell good feeling and that’s something that hotels should start capitalizing on.

Would we feel good if they charged us for the water we use in the bathroom? Apply the same to the Internet, especially when it is getting cheaper.