In General

Visiting the Big Apple

I’ll be in New York and New Jersey for a week starting this Sunday and I was wondering if I can pick up some tips from you.

I’m pretty keen on seeing interesting places and events not particularly part of the regular touristy routine. Sure, I know about the Times Square – Statue of Liberty – MoMA – Central Park – kinda attractions. This is my second trip to NYC and I have already played that rookie tourist role (complete with the ‘ I heart NY’ tee)

What I’m looking for are those hidden nuggets that most tourists are too busy to notice. If you know of places that you have particularly liked, I would love to hear from you.

I’d also like to meet up with people. If you live around the area and if you want to catch up on a cuppa, I’d be game.

Kindly leave a comment or mail me at Kiruba [at] I appreciate any help.