In General

Finished Half Marathon in Central Park.

Ok, that’s exactly not what I would’ve liked. I would have been far more happier had I finished the full marathon, but I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t take a step beyond the half marathon. I realise I’m still not yet in marathon shape.

Or it could be the one degree centigrade temperature in the monrning. Yeah 1 degree. Actually, before coming over to NY, the site said that generally NYC would have a day temperature of 18 centigrate and night time of about 10 for october. But, thanks to the cold stream, the temperature plummetted.

To make it even better, the temperature inside the Central Park was atleast a bit cooler than the mid-town area. So, it was even chillier. And to make it doubly better, I ran along the reservoir. The cold wind hitting your face is an awesome feeling.

That’s me at the Bethesda Fountain.

I got some interesting pics as I was running. There were all these pregnant ladies with empty prams doing a pre-pregnancy stretching exercise. It really got funny when their instructor asked them to moan really loud as if they were in labour. Imagine, about 20 women moaning really loudly. The audio looked straight out of an orgy video!! 🙂

There was this man who was playing brilliant Jazz. I finished my run, came back to this guy and watched him play for the next 10 minutes. Seriously, some of the best things in life is free.