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Dinner with Blogger Friends

A lot of times, especially when I take up seminars and classes on personal publishing at colleges, students ask me, what’s the practical use of blogging. And I would like to give this post as an answer. Here I am , thousands of miles away from home in the other side of the world, and yet, there are friends who make me feel really at home. the difference is that I have never met or spoken to them before. Yet, you realise there’s this strange bond and blogs create this strange familiarity. So, even though this is the first time in your life that you are meeting up this particualr person, you have this feeling that you have known him for a long time!!

Earlier this week, I met up with Prabhu and Satya at New York City. Prabhu works in the niche speech technology area and Satya studies at the ivy league Columbia University. It was great to meet up with them. On a really chilly night, they took me to a wonderful Indian restaurant called ‘Udipi Palace’ run by a Chennai guy. The sambhar rice tasted so good. Ahh! ( my mouths watering as I write this!!)