In General

Being Bhavik

Bhavik Gandhi is Phenomenal. (notice the capital P). For a successful venture capitalist and a founder of many technology companies, he has tremendous zest for life and adventure.

Bhavik is the guy who I want to be. Infact, we have a few common interests. He cycles, runs marathons and rows. So do I. But the intensity varies. Massively varies. While I row in the docile murky waters of Adyar river, he is planning on a 90 days, 3000 nautical miles journey across the Atlantic ocean from Spain to Barbados. While I cycle from home to office, he cycles 3000 miles from Stockholm to Istanbul. While I trek in the nearby Tada Falls, he treks through lake Baikal in Siberia in the winter! 🙂

Nevertheless, common interests. So, when he got in touch with me with a few queries, we immediately stuck a nice chord. It’s also a nice co-incidence that both Sulekha and Sify, the companies I’m associated with, are official media partners for Bhavik’s adventurous cross atlantic journey.

Here’s wishing Bhavik the very best to kick Atlantic’s arse!