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Christmas Tree.. Ho,Ho,Ho!

It was an evening dedicated to shopping for Christmas. There are a couple of shops in Kodambakkam which stock up the regular christmas stuff – stars, colour lights, christmas trees, decorations et al. There was even a colourful photograph of these shops in The Hindu a few days back. The prices are just one fourth of what you’d find at upmarket shops like Landmark. Yeah, the quality is a tad less but its still quite a bargain.

We picked up one of those plastic christmas trees and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed decorating the tree. Cute angels, little stockings, jingle bells, tiny drums, teeny weeny gift packages and even puffs of cotton to give that snow effect. Infact, she did the decorations all by herself and me and my wife were happy to play the supporting role. The glint of joy in her eyes is worth everything. Christmas does bring with it its unmistakable spirit.