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Cycling from Bangalore to Chennai

On May 6th, myself and Shyam are hitting the pedal to cover the 350 kms distance between two cities in two days. This means covering 175 kms on each day. That’s going to be a stretch but then hey, what fun is it if you don’t push yourself.

It’ll be a pure road trip. Hitting the highway before the break of dawn. Sleeping under the stars. Nature’s call behind the bushes. Well, you get the picture.

Here’s the itenary. On Friday night, I catch one of those Volvo buses to Banglore. I’m taking my cycle along with me. Reach Bangalore on Saturday early morning and almost immediately start the cycling journey back along with the guy(s) in Bangalore. Reach Chennai the next day. Monday is a holiday because of elections. So, that gives us time to go crash out and get some rest.

If you wanna join in this endurance fun, let me know. It’ll be good to have a team of four or five. You can call me at (0) 98415 97744 or email me at kiruba[@]