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Urban Legend’ Demythed’

There’s a discussion going on here on why I’m Not a top blogger. So say a few people. Quite vehemently at that. My take on it is below. Read up.

But first, a honest preamble.

The easy thing to do is to write nice things about someone. It comes naturally to a lot of us. What’s not easy though, is writing something critical about a person. Being critical means pointing out mistakes, exposing reality…Typically stuff that creates discomfort. This, most of us generally avoid. It’s not easy.

Which is why I must give credit to Chenthil and few others for their frank opinion. Such opinions are usually the most honest feedback you can hope to get. And when someone takes the pain to spend time to write it, you have to respect it.

You know what’s the worst form of feedback? Indifference. People walking away not caring to let you know what they think. These guys didn’t do that and for that I’m gonna say, thank you.

Honest. No tongue-in-cheek.

Now, let’s see where the brouhaha stems from. The grouse is that since I had been on Blogstreet’s number 1 ranking for close to two years, my writings must have to be “intelligent” and good. That, I shouldn’t be posting “inane” forwards. That I’ve been quoted by many newspapers.

Hmm.. Deja Vu. Seen many of those before over the years.

Here’s my bit and I can’t emphasize this enough. A blog is one’s own space to voice what one thinks is interesting. This is my space and I write what I like. Forwards included. Too bad if it doesn’t stand up to your intellectual expectation. Some may find it interesting, some may not. Fair enough.

This site’s URL is Not This means I write quite a bit about myself and my activities. So, please don’t crib about self-promotion. I use it as an online extention of me. I use it to help create a personal brand. And I’m open about it. And this is what I openly advocate too. Accusing me of using my blog for self promotion is like accusing a professional blogger of making money.

Like I said, this is my space and what I say goes. Don’t like it? Use your mouse.

That said, I’d be lying if I said I like posting inane news stuff and forwards. Given a choice, I’d rather choose writing an interesting personal experience, a nice travelogue or a well researched news analysis. The problem, sometimes, is time. Or more precisely, the ability to make time for blogging. No use blaming the rather busy full time job, familial commitments (two lovely but quite-an-handful kids) and extra curricular interests. You may relate to this.

But hey, most top bloggers have the same predicament, yet do a great work. Yes, I know. That’s where I’d like to head towards. When? Thank you for asking.

I love challenges. And this is just the opportunity I’d want to grab. Gives you a reason to put more focus into. [Rubs hands]. Life only gets interesting.

And yeah, I’d love to hear more of your opinion. Here or anywhere. Don’t hold back. Be critical. Be honest. OK to be anonymous. Ok to be nice or scathing. Just keep them coming.