Today is BlogDay Yeah, the day where we showcase 5 new blogs that we like. I haven’t done my homework yet. Will get the list out during the day. Encourage you guys to do the same too. [...]

Space Running Out at BlogCamp We have a limit of just 200 people at BlogCamp. We already have (130), (152), (175), 191 people who have registered and its filling up fast. So, if you are [...]

CNN IBN Covers BlogCamp This video is part of CNN IBN’s ‘Chennai Chutney’ program to mark the Madras Day. So, there’s bound to be a Chennai tilt. I thought Rohini Mohan, [...]

Podcast: Listen to G.B.Prabhat, Director, Satyam Computer Services The first thing that hit me when I saw him was how young he looked to be a director of a really large software company. I mean, [...]

Out of Shape. But Not Out of Sight I’m now completely off the marathon training circuit. The last couple of marathons, I atleast gave a shot at but this time I’m a complete no-go. [...]