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Nokia N91 Supports Podcasting

Nokia has officially introduced the beta release of the Nokia Podcasting Application that makes it easy to discover and search for podcasts, download podcasts and subscribe to automatic updates, all on the go. By allowing you to subscribe podcasts directly to your Nokia N91, you no longer need to sit at your PC. Neat.

Hmm.. apparently, this has been out in June last week but I just got to know this.

The Nokia Podcasting Application also allows you to play previews while tracks are downloading, download multiple podcasts simultaneously, and multi-task while downloading in the background.

There’s mention of downloading and listening but no mention of recording and uploading podcasts.

The Nokia N91 multimedia computer includes a 4GB hard drive, 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, easy computer synchronization with Windows Media Player, dedicated music keys and wireless LAN support.

And the best thing is that this application can be downloaded from the Nokia site for free.

P.S: There’s even a Nokia Nseries Blogger Relations Program. Wow!