In General

More Sensible Top 100 Indian Blogs Ranking has undergone a very decent revamp and part of it is its listing of India’s Top 100 blogs. The results are based on Technorati ranking which is based on the number of inbound links to the blog. This is a far more realistic method of ranking than based on the number of blogs being blogrolled(a la BlogStreet).

That said, there’s more room for refinement. The perfect blog ranking system’s mantle is still vacant. A good ranking system should be based on a combination of Technorati ranking, Number of bookmarks like, Google blog search results, number of blogs blogrolling you, unique visitors, number of comments, Alexa ranking & number of RSS Feed subscriptions. Yeah, I know, its an uthopian wish but quite possible. It’s far better to factor in a combination rather than base your ranking on just one criterion.

SunSuna ranking may not be perfect but its a step forward. What I like is that it brings to light some interesting blogs I haven’t known before. And that’s a good thing.

It’s really not about blog ranking. Really. It’s about the ability to showcase the best blog posts that are worthy of your time.

That’s where I firmly believe that sites that are able to filter the best blog posts and conversations will continue to rise up the popularity charts. I’m talking about sites like DesiPundit, Sulekha and SepiaMutiny. PutVote is an Indian Digg clone that has a nice chance for its first mover advantage. It however has a coterish feel and a heavy tamilish slant but as the traffic increases, variety should set in.

At a time when Indian blogosphere is rapidly growing and a sharply dispropotionate availability of time, people appreciate when someone does the dirty groundwork and gives them the best reads in one place.